We are a family  

of writers and directors, designers and animators, cinematographers and producers. We are a fearless group, inspired by life to create things that are unique and effective. Our goal is to not just make videos worth watching, but produce videos worth sharing. 


How did it all start?

About the owner, Jason Burks


Our fearless leader, Jason Burks, found his love for film while shooting a short video overseas with a consumer camera 17 years ago.  This project stimulated him to pursue more ways to express ideas through the film medium and continue educating himself in filmmaking.  Treating every project with a high attention to detail, originality, and creativity, his small local projects soon turned into a full time job.  He began his production company full swing in 2002.  Jason's focus has been on cinematography and making things look beautiful and interesting through lighting, which has kept him in high demand as a Director of Photography over the last 11 years.  At age 35 he is one of the youngest cinematographers to have extensive experience with cameras such as the Red Camera, Varicams, Cine Alta Cameras, Phantom Camera, Panavision, 16mm Film Cameras, Arri Alexa, Canon cameras and many other High Definition cinema cameras. He has shot over 900 TV commercials both regional and national, dozens of music videos, short films, feature films, documentaries, and product videos.  His projects have taken him to all 50 states in the US and 6 different continents.  From South Africa, Japan, and Hungary to Guatemala, the Philippines, and Canada, Jason has enjoyed opportunities in different cultures and settings to shoot scenes and people in interesting ways.  Jason's goal for the future is to continue working with other creative individuals on feature films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos; and to push the limits of lighting, camera movement, and production design.  His passion has been and always will be telling stories that move people through film


Jason quote the big fish jumped over the lazy dog.
the big fish the lazy dog yeah.
— Jason Burks, owner


Behind the scenes

See what we've been up to

It takes a village, and between hundreds of hours dedicated to the craft, mixed with the joy of loving what you do and who you do it with,  behind the scenes is a great place to see the heart of various projects, including pictures and videos.


Retrospec Origionals

Content Devolpment

Here at Retrospec, we allocate 15% of our time to developing original content outside of our normal client projects.  See what we've been working on.