Jason Burks


Owner + President + Executive Producer

ON SET = Executive Producer + Director + Director of Photography

Jason founded Retrospec Films in 2001.  At age 30 he is one of the youngest directors & cinematographers to have extensive experience with a long list of top-of-the-line motion cameras and equipment used for filming today. He has shot over 800 TV commercials both regional and national, dozens of music videos, short films, feature films, documentaries, and product videos. His projects have taken him to all 50 states in the US and 6 different continents.  From South Africa, Japan, and Hungary, to Guatemala, the Philippines, and Canada. His passion has been and always will be telling stories that move people through the beauty of cinema.


Nathan Groves


Producer + Project Manager

ON SET = Producer + Assistant Director + Production Manager

Nathan has a B.A. in Advertising & Marketing and over a decade experience working in video production and in the advertising industry.  He has a natural instinct for design and a passion for visual communications. Nathan produces most client projects, manages both pre & post-production workflows, and oversees the day-to-day at Retrospec.  

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Barbara Burks


Office Manager + TV Show Producer/Writer 

Barbara joined Retrospec in it's early stages helping Jason grow the company to what it is today by spearheading the production of our weekly TV shows. Not only does she write and produce the TV shows, she takes care of the accounting, legal, insurance, and general office management.  The most important role she carries is keeping everyone in line by doing her number one job of being "Mom" - which is easy for her to do since she actually is Jason's mom.   


Josh Tackett

AdClub Headshot.jpg

Motion Designer + VFX 

ON SET = VFX Supervisor + Script Supervisor

Josh first attended Pepperdine University, then finished his degree in advertising at Oklahoma State University.  Josh works to create convincing visual effects and stunning motion graphics that add that final touch to each Retrospec project.    



Josh Franks


ON SET = Camera Operator + Sound

Josh is a hybrid - a jack of all trades some might say.  He loves being on set but also enjoys pre & post-production. This includes writing scripts, editing, sound design, and acting.  His passion for bringing ideas to life shows up in all aspects of production.


Jordan Fisher


ON SET = 1st AC + Camera Operator + DIT

Jordan's love for filmmaking extends his years. Countless hours writing, drawing, shooting, and pursuing the art led him to Retrospec's door.  A true servant at heart, Jordan's passion consumes each and every shoot he is a part of...which is every shoot Retrospec works on.


Rachel Jackson

Editor + Graphic Designer

ON SET = Production Assistant

Rachel has been with Retrospec since the small beginnings.  She is of many talents from Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Web Designer, Artist, Painter, Songwriter, Singer.  Rachel also assists on set with production.  Her motto is "I'll make it happen".  Her main focus at Retrospec Films are the TV Shows, but she has her hands on many other things and enjoys being involved with all of it.


Brandon Forbes



ON SET = 2nd AC  +  Camera Operator + DIT

Camera Lover, Gamer, Drone Pilot, Apple Expert, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Social Media Instigator, Cat Lover... These are just some of the things that make Brandon one of the most versatile Retro staffers yet.  Having been submerged in the film industry from boyhood, his passion is real and contagious.  Want something done?  He's your man.