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What we do

We enjoy collaborating with agencies and brands to create unique, effective campaigns. We can be involved as soon as you’d like – whether that’s coming up with concepts from scratch and walking with you, step by step, until , our goals are accomplished or simply bringing your script to life. We offer an end to end solution – idea generation, creative development, budgeting and feasibility, scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, and studio and location shoots big and small.


We have a wealth of both pre and post production experience in house and offer the full range of post production services; editing, sound design, color correction, compositing, graphic design and CG effects. The team is also a complete, custom solution for animation projects, including concept art and style frames, character design and illustration. We cover a range of styles across cell and graphical 2D animation, 3D, and traditional stop-frame animation. Whether you’re are an agency or a brand, we can create unique, effective and efficient films for any purpose or platform.


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We, at Retrospec Films, aim to create unique, effective and efficient campaigns that are not only worth watching but, worth sharing. We believe in collaborating with the best in the industry to create meaningful, creative work for a group of clients we truly respect. Since our inception in 2002, we have aided hundreds of brands through traditional and nontraditional broadcast methods. Our team posses the perfect blending of technical skills that create profound connections between our client and their communities. 

Retrospec has helped us increase our business sales by 15% in the last 9 months. They truly care about the client and reaching goals together.
— John Smith, John Smith Cars

What We've Achieved

  • Motion Graphics Award, Graphex 48 - 2017

  • Best in Show: Motion Graphics, Graphex 48 - 2017

  • Best in Show, American Advertising Awards - 2016

  • Silver Addy, American Advertising Federation - 2011

  • Gold Addy, American Advertising Federation - 2010

  • Best of Show : Electronic Television, Tulsa Addy Awards - 2010

  • Best of Show: Electronic Broadcast, Tulsa Addy Awards - 2009

  • Interactive Media, Tulsa Addy Awards - 2008

  • Best of Show: Interactive, Tulsa Addy Awards - 2008


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